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As Beef Prices Rise, It’s Time to Rethink Chicken

By Joan Lang


LYFE Kitchen - Art's Unfried Chicken

For years chicken has been treated as an also-ran by many menu-makers, who might provide an obligatory grilled chicken breast or chicken sandwich. Now this versatile protein is getting its due, thanks in part to soaring beef and pork prices and consumer concerns about health.

Several chains are successfully treating chicken to the elevated “better burger” model, coming to market with chicken-centric fast casual menus. And it’s not just about the wings.


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Analyzing your restaurant menu

Is your restaurant’s menu helping or hurting business? Let’s look at the two viewpoints, as customers and as business owners, to better understand this important restaurant topic.


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When there’s too many items on menu

When you sit down at a restaurant, the first thing you’re presented is the menu. Read more: restaurant menu development