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2011 Restaurant Trends

As 2011 soon approaches, so too will food-labeling requirements for many restaurants, particularly chains with 20 or more locations. Check out the following foodservice trends as the top 5 that will result from the federal menu labeling mandates.

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2011 promises to ring in nutritious changes at restaurants

Raw food bars, coming to a neighborhood near you

When it comes to nutritious eating, going raw is certainly the healthiest route. If you believe that a salad is the only option, think again! When you’re in a pinch and craving an un-boring, delicious, healthy meal, check out your local raw food bar. Read the rest of the article about restaurant raw food bars on Synergy Consultants.

It’s Game On, Restaurants! March Madness is Here!

So, the Super Bowl is over and so is all that hype in your restaurant. We must now wait one more long year for the season to don us once again. But wait, March is just barely around the corner!

What is this event that means more to your restaurant business than the Super Bowl? It is called “March Madness” the month long orgy of college basketball playoffs that run all day on Saturdays and Sundays…and during the week, too. Non-stop hoops means far more potential customers ordering up whatever you have that is quick, tasty, convenient and filling. Have you thought about creating special “Hoop Madness” selections for your B-Ball minded customers? The time to do so is NOW!

Voodoo Seasoning Mix
So, what can you create that is effective both in taste and cost? Dean and Danny’s spices can provide exactly what you need in the clutch. Just read the names and imagine the possibilities. From Cajun Voodoo Seasoning and Santa Fe Seasoning to Smoked Roadhouse Chili and Mesquite Steak Seasoning — there are endless combinations that can be themed for favorite teams, regions and matchups. But, just like the teams playing in the tournament, you need to be practiced and prepared.

Hey, the party in your restaurant business in front of the big screen should only be surpassed by the party in the mouth of every customer from your food!
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