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4 Ways to Attract More Restaurant Customers

Whether or not our economy is picking up, it appears that Americans are still paying attention to their spending habits. According to a recent study conducted by foodservice consulting firm AlixPartners LLP, consumers plan to cut back on their restaurant visits by 3 percent and spend 5 percent less when dining out. The reasons include consumers’ desire for affordability without sacrificing quality, healthier food, and convenience…

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Is it worth it for my restaurant to run a group deal promotion?

As a business owner, you recognize the opportunity there is for obtaining new clientele, gaining more exposure and ultimately to raking in some decent profits.

Before you decide to take the plunge and offer a group discount for your restaurant  business, think carefully about your strategy. Unfortunately, while some find great success, ..

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Interesting Ways to Run a Restaurant Promotion

The beauty part of this promotion is that it’s aimed straight at creating ownership and brand superiority. The pledge includes such credos as “Smith & Wollensky is MY steakhouse. I will have no other,” and “If I am taken to another steakhouse, I will politely direct the table conversation to the inferiority of the steakhouse to Smith & Wollensky”…

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