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Where’s the Green?

And no, we’re not talking about St. Patty’s day (that was yesterday!)

Or…maybe you’re thinking: Here’s another piece urging me to use biodegradable cups and plates in my restaurant business.

Well, actually this is about that other kind of green…money!  Yes, you may have the best idea ever for a restaurant start up, but without sufficient funding it remains only an idea. You can’t just dream. In this day and age, in this economy, you have to move and do so decisively.  Synergy can help you do just that.

At Synergy Restaurant Consultants, we pride ourselves on giving our clients a full turnkey solution to their restaurant start up ambitions. That includes money.

To better assist you in your goal to have a restaurant business, we have developed a site specifically focused on that issue. At Restaurantsbaloans.com and barestsurantloans.com you can learn about programs to fund your restaurant start up. We at Synergy can guide you through the process step by step until you achieve your restaurant business. Money is available but you need a buttoned down business plan and financial model.  We can help you in manny ways.


Contact us today at Synergy or check out our new restaurant start up green site (as in money)  http://sbarestaurantloans.com/

To Your Success…

Dean Small and Danny Bendas


Is your restaurant start up a gamble?

Here in Southern California we are inundated with gambling. Yes, Vegas still beckons from afar, but the local landscape is filled with all manner of Indian casinos and poker parlors.  The TV, radio, newspapers and freeway signage all lure and entice. Of course the odds are always in favor of the House. Yet what is so surprising is the volume of people who flock to play the slots with their astronomically bad odds of winning.

Perhaps the allure is that thinking is not required to play. I find that sadly true with so many restaurant start ups. A restaurant business plan is not part of the thought process, so the analogy with slot machines holds true…the odds of success are horrendously bad.


Any restaurant business can be an educated gamble. However, the odds turn to your favor when you develop a comprehensive restaurant business plan. Instead of a slot machine, you know play poker. The more you work a highly thought out business plan the closer you come to playing chess…an equally matched game; and no longer a gamble.

Learning any game takes time. Teaching strategies vital to restaurant business plan success…that is what we do best.

The phrase “learning your lesson” tips both directions. Let Synergy Consultants move you in the right direction to future success. Learn to move the chess pieces, not just pull the slot handle idly and hope for the best.

To Your Success…

Dean Small and Danny Bendas