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The Mobile Food Ordering Trend


Almost everyday, we hear  someone talking about Uber, the massively popular ride-sharing company that makes it a breeze to catch a cab. Finding a designated driver has never been faster or easier thanks to the Uber app, and now, with UberEATS, finding a fast meal is as simple as finding a ride.

Uber began its food delivery service in Chicago…read on here:

UberEATs photo credit: Guillermo Fernandes

What We Learned from a McDonald’s in Paris

By Mandy DeLucia, Synergy Product Coordinator

A recent assignment brought the Synergy team to Paris, world-renowned as the birthplace of haute cuisine and refined tastes. This reputation for elevated culinary traditions and the café culture sets a certain expectation in the minds of foreign visitors, so it came as some surprise to our team when a local recommended that we visit a “McDo,” the local name for McDonald’s.

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Restaurant Technology: What You Need to Know

By Jeffrey Manno, Operations & Finance

In the heyday of full-service dining—before the existence of the internet, smartphones and omnipresent phone apps—technology was merely an option for restaurants to use to improve their service. But in the modern era of 2015 and beyond, a comprehensive understanding of restaurant technology is a prerequisite for entering the highly competitive arena of restaurant operations. With a variety of consumer benefits, technology is not only something that consumers want, but it is something they have come to expect

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Should You Invest in Self-Service POS?

Sheets POS: Photo credit Flickr user gcorrin License CC BY-SA 2.0


It’s no surprise that our culture is becoming increasingly more digital, especially the Millennial crowd. Restaurant operators are taking note and some are introducing self-service POS (point of sale) systems, allowing guests to order and pay for their meals using a device like a touch screen tablet or kiosk. Read on here:What are the Benefits of Self-Service POS Systems?