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It’s All About Little Things

We are continuously discussing customer services, restaurant training and the higher standards for which any restaurant business should be striving. There is never a time when customer service standards should be compromised or sacrificed for something else.  Since I am always harping on this issue, I won’t spend time going over the value of restaurant training or standards of customer service again.  However, I want to emphasize the importance of those standards in today’s restaurant business environment.

Take a minute and look around.  People are busier now than they have ever been. People have more choices for their goods and services than ever.  It is your job is to make certain that you are THE choice more often than not.  It comes to the forefront because I had a reminder lately of how important those standards of customer service are.

I read of a fellow who recently purchased gas twice in two days.  The first day, being in a hurry, he drove to a station where the price was a little higher than the place across the street.  It was easier to get in and out of this particular station.  The person working there was friendly and even told the fellow that if he purchased at least twenty dollars of gas, then he would be eligible for a free coffee or bottle of soda.  It may not sound like much, but for a guy who forgot his coffee at home it was a nice surprise.

The next day as this same individual went to fill up his wife’s car, he thought about going across the street because it was a little cheaper.  Then, he recalled the service received from the other place the day before and found himself turning in there almost without even thinking about it.

Sometimes we forget that most people, while they want the best deal possible, also want to be treated right and made to feel special.  A simple, free cup of coffee made this person forget the high price of gas, if only for a moment.

Your Restaurant Business should strive to find those little moments of customer service that make all the difference.


Protect Your Core Assets Invest In Staff Training

The restaurant industry is a classic service business.  Winning restaurants are all about hospitality and guest service.  Therefore, the most valuable asset a restaurant “owns” is its employee talent base.  Without proper store level training, neither the best real-estate, most attractive storefront nor the smartest ad campaign are worth as much to the enterprise as protecting and nurturing the talent base.

During these economic times training restaurant management and hourly staff may challenge the budget.  Please keep this in mind; restaurant training may be the most critical variable between you and your competition.  Training is the key determinant of success as restaurant operators plot their 2010 strategies to adapt to slumping sales and profits.