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The Food Hall Trend

Food Halls

Ever try going out to eat with a group of friends but can’t agree on a place? Mary wants Greek, but Tim’s craving Thai. Susan, however, has a hankering for New York style pizza. Well, the food hall is your answer, and they’re on the rise!

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Getting Ready for Gen Z

Generation Z

Millennials. By now, you know they’re the most populist demographic in the United States. And as a foodservice operator, you know you want to figure out how to get them to become a loyal consumer at your restaurant. Maybe you feel you’ve got a grip on this segment, but are you ready for the next generation? Read more here: Are you Ready for Gen Z?

Live-Fire Restaurant Trend

live fire kitchen

There’s been a lot of news lately about chefs with “live-fire” restaurants—concepts that are fueled by wood-fired grills, ovens, rotisseries and more. There’s Rick Bayless in Chicago with his new Lena Brava, which will celebrate the regional cuisine of Baja and the obsession with craft beer (it’s part of Cruz Blanca Cerveceria) and mezcal culture.

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Millennials and Dining: What you Need to Know

Best restaurant chains for Millennials

Restaurant Business magazine’s recent special report on “The Consumer: What Drives Today’s Consumers” raises lots of interesting questions.


Take the piece on“Millennials’ Favorite Chains,” which details the preferences and habits of that cohort of the population whose loyalty everyone seems to be after these days.


A Look at Trends that Will Impact Menus This Year

10 Menu Trends

  1. Authentic vs. Inventive

There’s a dichotomy playing out on menus as the road ahead splits in two very different directions: authenticity and simplicity, as defined by market-driven concepts like Sweetgreen and the new-old Jams, where the signature dish is a simple roast chicken; and playful cross-cultural mashups where the kitchen’s creativity is the focus, like the…

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Trend Alert: Build-Your-Own

Poke Bowl

From burritos at Chipotle, to pies from MOD pizza, operators know that guests seek customization. Take a took at some unique and notable spots in this highly popular vertical.


Poke is huge right now, and there are plenty of restaurants jumping on the trend that allows you to customize this Hawaiian staple. At Spin Fish in Los Angeles,

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Poke bowl photo credit: Michael Saechang license CC by SA 2.0

Stem to Leaf Strategies

No doubt you’ve heard of nose-to-tail cooking, where every part of an animal is utilized—especially in restaurants that source and butcher niche meats like heritage pork and naturally raised lamb in-house. Now, in the era of growing interest in meatless meal options and produce-forward menu concepts, it’s time to meet root-to-shoot, where as much of the plant as possible is used to make saleable recipes. Read on: 12 Root to Shoot Strategies

Bring on the Crowds this Mother’s Day

Mother's Day Table


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Translation? Millions of Americans will dine out to treat mom.


As a restaurant operator, you want to make sure your restaurant stands out from the crowd. Read on here: Attract Crowds at your Restaurant This Mother’s Day