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Taco Bell Doritos Tacos Are Coming

..these Dorito Tacos, or “Locos Tacos,” are your traditional Taco Bell Taco with a twist – that yellow shell you’re used to seeing is replaced with a Dorito Nacho Cheese shell.

These special tacos have been on menus at various Taco Bell Doritos test market locations and are finally debuting nationwide this Thursday.


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Taco Bell meets gourmet

Taco Bell will soon be introducing more upscale, gourmet foods to its menu. Items like black beans, cilantro rice, and corn salsa (items already found at Chipotle) will be debuting in the coming months.

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Healthy Eats on New Taco Bell Menu

Although it’s hard to dispute the statement that “fast food is bad food,” we all give in to the need for grabbing a quick bite to eat. Fortunately, many in the fast-food industry have responded to demands for healthier fare, and some restaurants are making it easier to alter existing menu choices.

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