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Preventing Employee Theft At Restaurants

Photo Credit: Flickr by Deborah Fitchett

Photo Credit: Flickr by Deborah Fitchett

As simple as employees snacking during shifts or as extreme as stealing cases of food right off of the delivery truck, theft has always been an issue for restaurant owners.  No matter the severity, these costs add up and hurt your bottom line and profitability.  By implementing simple safeguards, you can protect your operation against theft and pilferage.

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Restaurant Tip Reporting: What you Need to Know

n April, the IRS announced it’s looking at new ways to utilize technology to increase restaurant tip reporting.  This could include updating the voluntary tip-compliance agreements the agency currently offers restaurant companies, such as the TRAC (Tip Reporting Alternative Commitment) and TRDA (Tip Rate Determination Agreement).

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Choosing an executive chef for your restaurant

An essential aspect to a successful restaurant is no doubt a capable and expert staff.In the heart of the restaurant — the kitchen– the executive chef plays a key role.With multiple skills required to run a successful kitchen, the need for top-notch talent becomes ever more important. You can think of an executive chef’s role very much like that of your right-hand man
(or woman).

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How to choose an executive chef for your restaurant

Training your restaurant employees: The Art of Effective Training

By Charlie Candelas

Training, both initial and ongoing of all personnel that impact the guest dining experience is the most measurable and telling aspect in the long term success of your business.  The discipline required to insure…

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Successful Restaurants Build Loyalty through Amazing Guest Service


If you can’t seem to find an angle to out maneuver your competition try this: Create an Amazing Guest Service Strategy!

If you ask 100 restaurant owners how they would rate their guest service our bet is 97-plus percent would say good. When it comes to creating Amazing Guest service, good is the enemy of great.

Amazing and “Over The Top” guest service is a direct result of thee restaurants ability to consistently deliver those “moments of magic” where the ordinary become extraordinary and amazement is achieved. “Over The Top” guest service is simply defined as an “above average or noticeably better” guest experience.

This doesn’t mean that every guest experience and touch point is going to be amazing every time but it does mean being better than good with occasional bursts of WOW and superior service. This can only be accomplished through a commitment to restaurant training and consistently executing well on the little things that can make a dining experience memorable.

To achieve those “over the top” moments of magic where you turn “Guest Service” into “Guest Amazement” it is essential that your internal customers (your team) become true believers, advocates, raving fans and evangelists of the brand.

If you want to out-maneuver your competition you must be able to deliver on “Guest Amazement.”


  • Identify Missed Opportunities





  • Provide The Tools, Systems And Standards To Create Accountability



  • Commitment to Staff Training


The goal of creating “Amazing Guest Service” is to remove all the uncertainty from the service staff, create alignment in message, develop meaningful tools and show them what “Amazing Guest Service” looks like and its benefits. The investment in your Amazing Guest Service Program will enable you to exceed the guest’s expectations, build loyalty and create raving fans. The “Just Satisfied” or “Good” is no longer good enough.

It Is All About The Guest Experience

In any new restaurant start up or restaurant opening it is imperative that the entire team focus on creating a memorable guest experience. Knowledgeable restaurateurs and the national chains understand the importance of the guest experience and commit significant resources to training and development of the service staff.

We are frequently asked how do we create “memorable guest service?” The simple answer is a commitment to training. The guest experience comes in part from service and training, but in the larger sense it is everything created by any and all contact with your operation. The moment the guest pulls into the parking lot or calls to make a reservation the ‘guest experience meter’ kicks in.

Opening a restaurant is a huge financial investment and your ability to create a memorable guest experience goes beyond the mandatory picking up of the parking lot or placing an inspirational company poster in the break area claiming ‘the customer is number one’.

It’s imperative that there is a conscious effort to create genuine relationships with your internal and external customers. In today’s competitive dining environment keeping your customers satisfied is simply not enough.

Successful restaurants build guest experiences that create not merely satisfied guests but loyal guests who become raving fans and advocates on your behalf. This is a far more cost effective approach in building a solid customer base than traditional advertising.


Remember when you were little, when it was pouring outside you would hear “put on your galoshes!”

Increasingly, that term is now found in restaurant industry kitchens. Yes, rubber mats everywhere are great, but it still rains and pours every kind of liquid onto the floor. And it all gets slippery.

The latest solution found in several east coast kitchens is a cut down pair of rubber galoshes that slip right over your regular shoes. They provide an extra grip sole, they are washable, they protect your shoes, and they help prevent slips and slides. And falls. And worker’s comp. You get the picture.

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